Kimberly Barber, mezzo-soprano


Workshops | Best Voice Forward

Best Voice Forward is a workshop to develop your marketing skills as a singer.

You will get:

  • The Skinny on Resumes:  
    Finding out what is required and how to do it
  • The Skinny on Headshots:
    How to find the best photographer and what you should expect from them
  • How to find your Big Five:
    We’ll figure out together which are the strongest five audition arias for you personally, so that you can show audition panels your best singing self
  • How to choose your First Aria:
    The most important aria on your list is the one you do first.  Therefore, it stands to reason that it should be the one you do best. Find out how to determine what this aria is!
  • Advice about All Things Audition: The Bottom Line
    How to Look Good, Act Good, Know what’s required and be relaxed and focused—how to develop your pre-game routine

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