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Workshops | Finding Your Individual Voice

A Three Day Workshop with Kimberly Barber

Establishment and solidification of individual audition repertoire through exploration and play--goal-oriented exercises for breaking down blocks, release from tension, enhancing vocal and expressive potential for increased intensity of performance

The workshop is presented in an informal setting over three days, with sessions taking place on three separate days in a week or over a period of three weeks. The workshop days consist of two two-hour sessions separated by a one-hour lunch break. Workshop groups should consist of maximum of 12 singers (adjustments to format are possible)

Operatic arias appropriate to each singer’s level of development and voice type (duets between group members can also be used for exercise purposes)

Day One and Two: 

Group Sessions

  • Finding where your "passions" lie (carving out an individual niche for yourself)
  • Exercises in freedom of movement, release of entanglements, reaching full expressive potential

Individual Sessions:

  • Repertoire (the Fach system, finding your individual audition arias--"the Big 5")
  • Each singer brings memorized arias and performs them in the session.  We choose five arias (with a possible alternate or two) with which the singer feels entirely comfortable and sovereign and which show the artist’s unique capabilities

Day Three:  The Audition & The Career

  • Mock Audition
  • Question and Answer Period - possible topics include…
    • Publicity materials
    • Goal-setting
    • Agents
    • Self-Study

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