Kimberly Barber, mezzo-soprano


Workshops | Sounding Off, Stepping Out

Sounding Off, Stepping Out is a workshop for emerging musical artists to give them the tools of the trade.

Taking this workshop will give you:

  • The Skinny on Resumes
    Find out what your resume and biography should include and how to format it for maximum impact
  • The Skinny on Headshots
    Learn what presenters and panels look for in a headshot and how you can get it
  • The Skinny on Recordings
    The reality of life as a performer is that you will need to have high quality recordings to present yourself to agents, competitions and arts councils/granting organizations. Find out what you need to show yourself at your absolute optimum
  • Grant Writing from A-Z: The Project, The Artist Statement and More…
    Every artist will be expected to write a proposal for a project they hope to receive funding for. A primer on how to put your first proposal together

This workshop gives you the complete package to put your promotional materials in order.

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